The Time of the End

The recent fulfillment of End Times Biblical prophecy proves that we are now living in the Last Days. Predictions made thousands of years ago are coming true in our generation as never before.  This means that the Return of Christ is drawing near, and there is not much time left before judgment comes.  The current world system of evil is about to end in a fiery conflagration,  and a spectacular new world of peace will be set up in its place by the Lord himself.  You can escape judgment and become a part of this new Kingdom through a simple act of faith.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6; MEV). Now is the time to Escape to Safety by repenting of sins and believing in the Son of God!

Victor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Great Reset is a Plot to Change the World

In the wake of the Wuhan virus and the disruptions caused to the health, political, and economic systems of the world, many powerful leaders are now taking advantage of the pandemic in an attempt to bring about a New World Order. The advocates of globalism are calling for a Great Reset that will totally redesign the way the world operates and forever change...[more]

Chinese Coronavirus Fears Lead to Greater Surveillance and Control

Social distancing app showing red & green labels around people

In 2020, the world suddenly moved closer to a global surveillance system under the auspices of public “health and safety”. The Chinese coronavirus fears stemming from a global pandemic has provided all the excuse that leaders needed to increase societal controls and implement high tech solutions to monitor entire populations. Even in countries with relative [more]

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the End Times

Coronavirus 3D Illustration, Wikipedia

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 [also called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (or SARS-CoV-2)] is continuing to spread around the globe from its origin in the Wuhan region in China. It is now threatening the health and the economy of all countries, as normal life shuts down to contain the infection. Thousands of people have died from this serious disease, and stock markets have crashed in response to its threat.

The coronavirus infection is the latest pandemic of modern times, but is it also another sign of the End Times? [more]

What Happens Next in End Times Prophecy?

Events Signaling the End


Bible prophecy predicts that there will be several significant events signaling the End of the Age.  The fulfillment of these prophecies will become a warning to the world that the rise of the final world empire and the Antichrist are near.  Those who do not believe in Jesus will become ensnared by the dramatic rise of this empire and the charismatic personality and great words that the Antichrist will speak (2 Thess. 2:11).  But know this: whoever gets entrapped and becomes a follower of the Antichrist and receives his Mark will suffer the wrath of God poured out without mixture in the final days (Rev. 14:9-12).  These incredible prophecies are about to be fulfilled in our generation, and everyone needs to understand them before it is too late!   ...[more]

The Technocracy Threat

Surveillance collage, Pixabay images

There is a new threat to freedom arising that has never been seen before.  It is a new type of government control created from the introduction of high technology that can form a surveillance network around the world to control entire populations.  This technocracy, as it is called, is a form of extreme tyranny that is already being introduced into some of the most powerful countries.  Like Skynet in the Terminator movies, it is about to come online everywhere with dire consequences.

The surveillance technocracy won't become self-aware as in the movies, but it will be driven by the latest in artificial intelligence software to become aware of your every move.  Through wired and wireless networks, it will identify you, track your movements, monitor your communications, and be the gatekeeper that will either allow or deny your access to buildings, activities, transportation, or financial transactions.

This system is coming online even before the rise of the Antichrist, but when he is revealed his rule will be absolute through the technocracy web and through the Mark of the Beast.  Read more about the technocracy's rise here.

Total Collapse of the Ecosystem

Great Day of His Wrath, by John Martin, artistThe Bible predicts that this current world system will end in a fiery conflict that will decimate life on a global scale.  Jesus said that there would come a time of trouble the likes of which the world has never seen before or ever will see again.  The Lord called this time the Great Tribulation.  The Old testament prophets saw the foundations of the world shaken as fire, brimstone, and pillars of smoke erupted.  The Book of Revelation says that in a single day all the great cities of the world will be completely destroyed and that the merchants of the seas will stand far off wailing as the cities burn. Peter predicted that the entire world would be destroyed by fire and that the very elements themselves would burn, which is the exact result of nuclear explosions.

The effects of nuclear weapons have now been studied for decades, and everything that the Bible predicts for the End of this Age will be fulfilled in the final nuclear conflagration of World War III.  The ultimate effect of a full scale nuclear exchange is the complete collapse of the ecosystem as life itself is threatened on Earth.  This is precisely where this generation is headed [more].

Israel in the Last Days

Chronology of Israel in the Last DaysThe incredible prophecies of Israel in the Last Days are the key to understanding just how close we are to the End of the Age.  The Bible predicts virtually everything that has happened to Israel over the last 100 years.  These prophecies are so detailed that we can now create a chronological chart that maps out exactly where Israel and the world are heading in this pivotable generation.  These prophecies prove that God is working in the world to bring about the Return of Christ and the redemption of Israel exactly as promised...[more].

Significant End Times News

Is Israel About to Declare Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria?

News reports from Israel on Sunday, May 12, 2019, indicated that the US won’t oppose Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, which would involve Israeli annexation of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank. This region has been known to the Jews as the territories of Judea and Samaria, and it has been a hot bed of contention with the Arab population for over 50 years. [more]

The Battle for Military Advantage in Syria

Destruction in Raqqa from the Syrian conflictThe prophet Ezekiel predicted that in the Last Days Russia, Iran, and Syria would suddenly attack Israel. This event, he said, would then lead to a devastating global conflict the likes of which the world has never before experienced. And now, it is nothing short of incredible that in our generation, which has seen so many End Times prophecies fulfilled, the very nations that Ezekiel had foreseen are now battling in Syria for military advantage. This is the first time in history that this alignment of nations against Israel has ever occurred. If this is happening in our day, could Ezekiel’s war be far off? [more]

The War in Syria Heats Up

The Destruction in Aleppo, SyriaWhat has the war in Syria got to do with the End Times?  At least 9 different military forces are now fighting within Syria.  The result of this disturbing war will be to establish the very alignment of nations predicted in the Bible for the Last Days.  See how this is possible [more].


Will there be a Russian-Turkish-Iranian alliance?

The rise of a radical-Islamic Iran combined with a growing authoritarian regime in Turkey that is now leaning away from NATO and toward Russia, and the renewed presence of Russia throughout the Middle East are all forces that are leading to an unlikely alliance between these three nations.  The prospect of a Russian-Turkish-Iranian alliance is disturbing to the United States and Israel, because it only serves to reinforce the main sources of war and terrorism throughout the region.  These developments are happening to fulfill the alignment of nations predicted by the prophet Ezekiel for the End Times (see The Attack of Russia and The Real Russian Collusion for more information).  Source: Jerusalem Post

Middle East Chaos in Wake of Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem

President Trump, statement on Jerusalem, 12-7-2017, Wikipedia imageMassive protests throughout the Middle East; Turkey turns on Israel and calls them a 'terror state'; Muslims worry that Trump's move could embolden Israel to rebuild the Jewish Temple; others speculate that Trump might actually be the one to help rebuild the Temple; Palestinian Authority pulls out of peace talks; Trump pulls U.S. aid to the Palestinians [more].

Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's Capital

President Trump said this week that for the first time the U.S. now fully recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and he also said that he will order the State Department to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.  Trump had promised since the presidential campaign in 2016 that he would move the Embassy to Jerusalem.  In an announcement made late on Wed., Dec. 6, 2017, Trump strongly affirmed that the U.S. government will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, something that the U.S. has been hesitant to do for decades...[more]

The Nation of Israel in the Kingdom

Painting of the Temple, by the Temple Institute

After his Second Coming, Christ is predicted to set up a new world order of peace and righteousness with the nation of Israel as the primary focus.  At that time, all the blessings promised to Israel from the days of Abraham will be fulfilled.  They will become the most prosperous nation on Earth and an example for all other nations to follow.  Surprisingly, two of Israel's historical enemies are also predicted to be blessed along with them, and together the three nations will become a beacon for the entire world.  Can you guess what two nations will become allies with Israel?  And also what about Jesus?  Where will He be living in the Kingdom?  Read about these amazing prophecies here.


The Flag of Israel

An incredibly important anniversary has recently occurred for Israel. A date that marks 70 years since Israel became a nation in 1948.  What could this momentous event mean for the world and for the fulfillment of End Times prophecy? [more]

Is Cash About to Become Illegal?

Euro & USD money stacks, Pixabay images

There is a war on cash being waged by the banking and financial institutions as well as by governments around the world.  You won't hear much about this war from the mainstream media.  Quietly but forcefully, the rich and powerful globalists are executing a plan to eliminate paper money and coins and force everyone to use only cards and digital money...[More]

The Real Russian Collusion

Russian Su-34 conducting airstrike in Syria, from mil,ruWhile the main stream media has been obsessed with the possibility of Russian collusion in the 2016 US presidential election, the real story has been a concerted effort by Russia to collude for power and influence in one of the most important regions of the world.  The results of this Russian collusion has been the realignment of nations that begins to fulfill End Times prophecy in an amazing way.  Only now are the correct political alignments being established that fulfill the precise pattern prophesied by Ezekiel over 2,500 years ago for the Last Days...[more].

Will Israel be Redeemed in the End Times?

resurrection, end times, last days, Israel, redemption of Israel, raising the deadFor thousands of years Israel has been scattered among the nations in unbelief.  Rejecting Christ, they were removed as a nation in 70 AD and spent centuries without a homeland.  Even now, after they have been reborn as a nation in their ancient homeland just as the prophets predicted, Israel still does not believe in their Messiah, Jesus.  What will happen to Israel in the End Times and will they ever be redeemed in time to enter the Kingdom Age?  The prophecies concerning the salvation of Israel describe an amazing path back to God that will redeem the nation even as the world is collapsing around them [more].

UN Resolution 2334: The Nations Turn Against Israel

UN Security Council votes on Resolution 2334With passage of UN Resolution 2334 by the United Nations Security Council on Dec. 23, 2016, a dramatic shift is beginning to occur in global politics. With this action, which condemns Israel for the settlements they’ve created in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and in east Jerusalem, the world is entering into an even more dangerous period. We are coming upon a time in which all nations will eventually turn against Israel...[more]

The World Moves Closer to the Mark of the Beast

Biyo biometric vein scan of right hand for buying and sellingThe Mark of the Beast is now getting closer to becoming a reality than many have imagined. The recent commercialization of biometric identification technologies and the vast global network allowing the electronic transfer of digital bits of money are both keys to this development. These technologies are now coming together to allow people to make purchases using the identifying characteristics of their hands, eyes, or face...[more]

A New Sanhedrin Arises in Israel

Sanhedrin during the second temple period, Wikimedia imageA group of senior rabbis in Israel are now operating the first Sanhedrin court since the rabbinical organization was dissolved almost 1600 years ago. The Sanhedrin was originally one of the principal forces in Israel, both in politics and in religion.  The events surrounding the reestablishment of the Sanhedrin and the movement to rebuild the Temple further prepare the nation of Israel for the fulfillment of End Times prophecy. A functioning Levitical priesthood and the rebuilding of the Temple are both required to fulfill many of the key events predicted for the Last Days...[more]

Jewish Priests are Preparing for the Temple to be Rebuilt in Jerusalem

Solomon dedicates the Temple in Jerusalem, by TissotPriests of the Levitical order are being trained by the Temple Institute in preparation for the Third Temple to be built in the Old City of Jerusalem.  The priests are relearning the laws concerning worship of the Lord, which were given by Moses in the first books of the Bible.  They had been neglected for thousands of years as the Jews were scattered from their land and lived without a central place of worship.  The ceremonies of worship include the daily offerings, the special dedications, and the high holy days or feast days of Israel.  All of these activities are in preparation for the new Temple to be built on Temple Mount...[more]

A Time of Great Trouble is Coming

The prophets saw a time of tremendous upheaval and destruction just before the end of this age.  Some of them predicted that fire would consume all the works of man, while others said it would be a time of thick clouds and darkness.  Jesus predicted that immediately before He returns the world would experience a time of trouble unparalleled in history where all life would be threatened.  In the Bible, this time is called the Great Tribulation.  The prophets predicted that it would start with a war in the Middle East and lead to a global battle.  People today call this World War III, and it ends with a frightening nuclear exchange, which will devastate the world.  The following sections describe these prophecies, and as you will see, that coming day of trouble is closer than you think!

World War III

Israel Defense Forces tank, Wikipedia imageThe Bible predicts that a devastating world war will occur just before Christ returns. The battles will continue for 3 1/2 years and involve the Antichrist and his armies fighting against forces that seek to destroy his empire. The major powers involved with this war will be Europe, the U.S., Russia, China, many nations surrounding Israel, and ultimately every other nation on the face of the Earth. In the end, all nations will do battle near and within the nation of Israel as God gathers all their armies for destruction at Armageddon [more].

The Abomination of Desolation

The Third Jewish Temple, The Temple Institute

During the last week of Jesus' life, his disciples asked him about the signs of his Second Coming.  In Matthew 24 Jesus told them of a major event that would signal the start of the devastating wars of the end.  He called this event The Abomination of Desolation, and that it would be caused by the Antichrist and mark the end of his reign.  Jesus told everyone around Jerusalem that when you see this event occur, run for the mountains and don't look back! [more]

The Time of the End

Attack of Egypt & Syria at the EndThe most important passage concerning the wars of the end occurs in the book of Daniel.  In Daniel 11 and continuing into Daniel 12, the prophet discusses in detail the major prophetic events as they will occur during the reigns of the last three world powers.  In Daniel 11:40, he predicts what would happen specifically at "the time of the end", which would mark the beginning of the wars that would "consume and destroy" the kingdom of the Antichrist just before the Lord returns.  As you might expect, it all starts with another Middle East war...[more]

Russia's Coming Attack on Israel

Attack of Russia & alliesThe Bible predicts that the final wars leading to Armageddon will begin with another Middle East conflict.  Ezekiel 38 and 39 contain perhaps the most fascinating and frightening prophecies in the entire Bible concerning these future battles.  The prophet Daniel only hinted at the fact that a northern power would attack Israel at the end; however, Ezekiel was very specific.  He named the exact regions that would launch this attack, and today they perfectly correlate to the nation of Russia and its allies in the Middle East and to the north...[more]

The Battles Begin

Russian forces stopped at mountains of IsraelEzekiel describes in great detail the future attack of Russia and her allies upon the nation of Israel, which is predicted to occur in the Last Days.  In Ezekiel 38, the prophet predicts Russia's sudden military move upon the Jewish nation along with an initial attempt at diplomatic intervention to stop the war, which will ultimately fail.  The battles begin with a Middle East war involving Syria and Egypt attacking Israel as predicted by Daniel, but this move by Russia will start a broader World War, which will lead to a devastating thermonuclear holocaust [more].

The Kings of the East Attack

Kings of the East attackIn one of the most amazing prophecies of the Bible, the Apostle John predicted in Revelation that after Russia's attack on Israel, the Kings of the East will begin their attack.  John says that the number of their army will be 200 million (Rev. 9:16)!  This is an incredible prediction, seeing that there was only about 300 million people alive on the entire Earth in his day.  However, in our time, it is now possible that China, India, and the other countries to the east of Israel could actually field an army of this size...[more]

The Kingdom of Heaven is Near!

Sun and Clouds, Images of the Kingdom, DollarphotoclubAs the End Times come to a close with the Return of Christ, this does not mean that there will be an end to all things; nor will the destruction of the Last Days mean the end of all life on Earth.  When Jesus comes, the Bible predicts that He will rescue his people and usher in a new age of absolute peace and righteousness, called the Kingdom of Heaven, which will be unlike anything the world has ever seen.  The Kingdom of Heaven is predicted to be spectacular in beauty and a blessing to all who live within it.  Unlike this present age, in which life is tough and the world is often threatening, the world of the Kingdom will be transformed into a Garden of Eden wherein there will be no harm and no danger ever again...[more]

The People of the Kingdom

People of the Kingdom, DollarphotoclubAfter the battles of the end have been won by Christ, the resurrected followers of Jesus and the armies of heaven will begin to descend upon the earth. The next series of events that are prophesied to occur after this point all relate to securing the Earth from further harm and identifying or choosing the people of the Kingdom.  Who will be a part of this age of peace and what will it be like?...[more]

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The World has a Time Limit Set by God

Daniel’s Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks

The Archangel Gabriel, by Titian - WikipediaCould this brief passage in Daniel chapter 9 actually be the most amazing prophecy in the Bible?  The angel Gabriel told Daniel that Israel has a time limit to come to faith in Christ - Seventy Weeks.  He also predicted the exact date that the Messiah would come, in addition to the fact that Jesus would be killed after he revealed himself, and even foretold events within the last 7 years of this age...[more]

The Start Date of the Seventy Weeks

Archangel Gabriel, Tsalenjikha frescoThe prophet Daniel actually predicted precisely how long it would be in days before the Messiah was revealed.  In this incredible prediction, he also stated exactly when the countdown to the Coming of Christ would begin, and that date was also in Daniel’s future.  In this section on Daniel’s amazing prophecy, we identify the start date of the Seventy Weeks…[more]

The Time of Messiah’s Coming Predicted

Jesus on Palm SundayThe time of Messiah's coming was predicted by the prophet Daniel with such precision that he literally narrowed it down to the very day that Christ would reveal himself to the nation of Israel.  Daniel's prophecy of the Seventy Weeks given hundreds of years before this event not only predicted the First Coming of Christ, but also broadly outlined the chronology of the last days before Christ's Return...[more]

The Final Seven Years of this Age

Victor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov - The Antichrist on a White HorseDaniel's prophecy of the Seventy Weeks also predicts the final seven years of this age, which will occur just before the Return of Christ.  According to the Angel Gabriel, the Seventieth Week will be inaugurated by the signing of a covenant or treaty with many people.  This event signals the rise of the Antichrist and leads into a time of trouble so great that Jesus said no other period in history would be comparable to it...[more]

The Shemitah Effect

Wheat field, Dollar Photo ClubIs there an unseen force or a law of nature that God has designed into the world, which silently governs the rise and fall of economies and nations?  If this force really exists, it might actually impact the valuation of stock markets, investments, and currencies on a recurring basis. This type of downward pressure on the global financial system may also cause the rise and fall of empires and countries, as economic upheavals often cause major political power shifts. I call this proposition the Shemitah Effect, after a Biblical law and the Jewish name that is used to describe it...[more]

The Iran Nuclear Deal and the End Times

P5+1 and EU representative with Iran after signing the Nuclear DealOn July 14, 2015, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreement was signed between Iran and the P5+1 nations and the European Union. The P5+1 nations include the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council—United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China—plus Germany. The agreement became effective on October 18, 2015, during the same general time frame that saw the end of the Jewish Shemitah year and the occurrence of the last two blood moons of the tetrad series which occurred over the last two years. Is the timing of the Iran Nuclear Deal just a coincidence or is its concurrence with these other events signaling a major step forward in the unfolding of End Times prophecy?...[more]

The Sign of the Blood Moons

Blood Moon, 10-8-2014, Alfredo Garcia Jr, WikipediaThe prophet Joel predicted thousands of years ago that in the End Times the Lord would “show wonders in the heavens, and in the earth, blood and fire and pillars of smoke.” He also said, “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord” (Joel 2:30-31). In the sections on World War III this prophecy was seen to be associated with a coming nuclear holocaust, which will take place during the Great Tribulation or the last 3.5 years of this age. Some have also seen in this prophecy a correlation to the presence of blood moons, which are astronomical phenomena associated with full lunar eclipses...[more]

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Principles of Prophecy in the End Times

The Bible actually tells us how to recognize true prophecy from God and how to logically interpret it. These basic principles are important to grasp before trying to understand End Times prophecy, because they help prevent false conclusions or mistakes in interpretation through taking verses out of context.

Is Prophecy Real?

Painting of a prophetThe Bible is much more than just a collection of stories or a record of ancient history.  It is the only book ever written that contains the true Word of God.  No other book can make this claim, because the Bible is the only one that actually has evidence that proves its validity.  Prophecy is the one thing that separates the truth of the Bible from every other religious book.  The God of the Universe has provided incontrovertible evidence of His existence and power through literally hundreds of prophecies, which have come true...[more]

The Test of a Prophet

Moses breaking the Tablets, TissotThe Bible provides very real guidelines concerning prophets and prophecy.  The Lord told the first great prophet, Moses, that there would be many prophets coming after him, all of whom would let His people know about future events before they occurred.  However, not just anyone could be a prophet.  For this reason, God established a test of a prophet to let everyone know whether someone claiming to be one was really sent from God or whether they were actually a false prophet speaking of their own accord...[more]

The Purpose of a Prophet

The prophet Ezekiel, MichelangeloThe prophets of God had an important purpose beyond merely predicting the future.  The purpose of a prophet was far more important than being just soothsayers or fortunetellers.  They demonstrated the reality of God by providing absolute proof of His power through the fulfillment of their prophecies.  They also encouraged people to believe the Lord and change their lives to avoid judgment or bad consequences...[more]

Visions of the Future

Apostle John on Patmos, Titian.pngAlthough the majority of Christian churches today almost completely ignore the prophecies within the Bible, about 25% of it is prophetic in nature.  In other words, about one verse in every four contained visions of the future at the time it was written down.  Many of these prophecies have already been fulfilled in times past; however, a significant number of prophecies still deal with future events or with things that have recently occurred.  Incredibly, God has provided us with a roadmap of prophecies about the End Times, which are just now coming to pass...[more]

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Israel in the End Times

The nation of Israel is the primary sign of the Last Days. The prophecies of the End Times require that Israel be reborn as a nation before any of the other prophecies even become relevant. For centuries the Jewish people were scattered among the nations without a homeland. However, in 1948 the rebirth of Israel as an independent nation in the Middle East became the indisputable signal that the End Times has come upon us.

Israel; The Key to End Times Prophecy

Jerusalem Lights at NightThe prophecies about Israel are the key to understanding everything that is happening in our world today.  More End Times prophecies deal with the nation of Israel than any other subject.  In the Last Days, Israel will become the main focal point for all the major events that will occur before Christ Returns.  From God's perspective, Israel is brought back to their land to judge them and eventually save them at the end.  From man's perspective, the nation of Israel will become the main trouble spot that starts World War III...[more]

The Blessing and Curse

Moses Breaking the Tablets, RembrandtTo understand the prophecies of Israel and how they relate to our generation, we need to first go back many centuries, to a time when Israel was just becoming a nation for the first time.  This is where we will find an incredible prophecy concerning the future of Israel, which was written down by Moses even before they entered the Promised Land after their Exodus from Egypt.  This prediction of blessing and curse would govern Israel's life for thousands of years..[more]

The Scattering of Israel

Flight of the Prisioners, Artist: TissotThe history of ancient Israel was repeatedly punctuated by periods of great prosperity if they followed the Lord to times of extreme trouble if they did not.  Moses predicted that eventually the Jewish people would so turn away from God that the Lord would cause the scattering of Israel among the nations (Deut. 28:25).  Over the centuries prophet after prophet warned the people of this potential fate.  The first part of the nation to experience this severe judgment was the Northern Kingdom of Israel at the hands of the Assyrian army.  Amazingly, these prophecies help to explain what is happening to Israel centuries later in the End Times...[more]

The Scattering of Judah and Jerusalem

Juan de la Corte - The Burning of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar’s ArmyAfter the Northern Kingdom of Israel was destroyed by the Assyrians you would think that the Southern Kingdom of Judah would have learned and turned to God for help.  The prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel even encouraged them and warned of a similar fate if they turned from trusting God.  However, they too went down into even deeper depths of evil, so great that the Lord brought the Babylonian Empire against them.  In a series of attacks, the Babylonian army destroyed the Southern Kingdom, which led to the scattering of Judah and Jerusalem, followed by 70 years of captivity in Babylon…[more]

The Final Scattering of Israel

The destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70AD -- a painting by David Roberts (1796-1849)The importance of understanding the prophetic scriptures was never better illustrated than in what happened to the Jewish people when God stood before them as a humble man instead of the expected conquering king.  The blindness of the religious leaders to the fulfillment of the greatest prophetic event of all time would prove to have earthshaking consequences for the continued existence of the Jews in Palestine.  In fact, the final scattering of Israel was about to take place and it would be predicted by Jesus himself…[more]

The Regathering of Israel

Map of Israel with Satellite image, WikipediaWith all the prophecies relating to the doom and gloom of a disobedient Israel it’s easy to come away with the feeling that all hope was lost for God’s chosen people (see the previous prophecies concerning Israel).  For centuries on end Jerusalem was controlled by Gentile powers just as Jesus had predicted; however the regathering of Israel was also predicted…[more]

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Why was Israel Gathered in Unbelief?

Originating Countries of Immigrating JewsThe predictions of Moses concerning the rebirth of Israel and their regathering back to the land pose an interesting conundrum (see Deut. 30:1-4).  Given that Moses definitely said that Israel will become a nation again only after they repent and after the Lord returns to regather them, we are forced to ask how this prophecy relates to the nation of Israel today.  Modern Israel is a nation gathered in unbelief in the End Times, but not yet in repentance and faith in Christ…[more]

Prophecies of 1948

The flag of Israel in Yad LaShiryon, Latrun, IsraelThe key to what is happening to Israel today rests in the incredible prophecies of 1948 made by the Old Testament prophets, especially Ezekiel.  The book that bears Ezekiel's name is a tremendous apocalyptic writing of almost mystical character, but full of the power of God.  The predictions of future events that are described within its pages are rich with metaphors and symbolic visions, all of them flowing to the beat of a loving but jealous God who wants to bring Israel back to Him.  Many of Ezekiel’s most important predictions relate directly to the amazing prophecies of the rebirth of Israel in 1948...[more]

Restored with Fury

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, WikipediaFor a full understanding of all the prophecies of Israel's rebirth and how they fit together, we need to consider one important passage from the book of Ezekiel.  This set of verses shows us that God predicted Israel would be restored with fury poured out, and this reflects exactly what happened in the years before and during 1948.  Ezekiel chapter 20 may be the most important prophetic statement concerning Israel in the entire Bible.  It is a picture of Israel's past, present, and future, but it predicts that the Jews would come back into their land in the last days coupled with fury and judgment from God...[more]

Trembling and Fear

1948 Arab Israeli War, Arab attack paths, WikipediaMany Old Testament prophets predicted the eventual rebirth of Israel at the end of the age.  Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah told of a time that Israel would be reborn in the land in unbelief.  They also foresaw with great detail the major events and world conditions that the nation would experience before Christ returns.  The predictions tell of a time of trembling and fear for the Jewish people and not of peace...[more]

Success Teetering on the Brink

Israel produce market, WikimediaIn the relatively short period of time since becoming a nation, Israel has developed into one of the most prosperous nations in the Middle East.  With a population of only a small fraction of the surrounding Arab states, it has nevertheless grown into a consumer, military, and technological powerhouse.  However, this success is constantly teetering on the brink of disaster due to the triple threats of war, terrorism, and economic boycotts.  Incredibly, the Bible even predicted this situation for Israel the last days...[more]

The Palestinian Problem

Gaza war, 2012, Jabalia house destruction, WikipediaSince Israel became a nation in 1948, nearly all of their troubles have somehow been linked to the Palestinian problem.  The plight of the Palestinians and their almost constant conflict with the Jews have become major international concerns, initiating countless negotiations, peace conferences, and UN resolutions.  This nearly intractable issue also has an extremely volatile fuse that often threatens Israel with terrorism, uprisings, rocket attacks, and full scale war.  It has even threatened the world with global conflict many times.  Amazingly, the prophets of old accurately predicted the Palestinian problem...[more]

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