Russia’s Coming Attack on Israel

Attack of Russia & allies

While Daniel saw the beginnings of the final wars in the Middle East, other prophets went further and predicted what would happen next.  Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 contain perhaps the most fascinating and frightening prophecy in the entire Bible concerning these future battles.  Where Daniel only hinted at the fact that a northern power would attack Israel at the end, Ezekiel was very specific.  He names regions that today perfectly correlate to the nation of Russia and its allies in the Middle East and to the north...[more]


Who is the Antichrist?

Signorelli-Antichrist and the devil

As we have seen in the sections on the New World Order, the final Beast of Revelation will arise in the form of a powerful alliance of nations.  Today, it is represented by a group of allies that have as their goal the setting up of a global system run by the most wealthy...[more]